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1213 is a three-part adventure game by Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw and was made with Adventure Game Studio (AGS).


In 1213, the player controls a brain damaged man covered in bandages that appears to be a prisoner. The man is referred to by his cell number: Block 12, Cell 13. 1213 is also monitored by a mysterious man with glasses who frees him from his cell. 1213 is able to jump up to ledges, jump over gaps, and kill aggressive guards and mutants with his gun. The game primarily consists of finding keypad combinations, control consoles, or items to help you progress through the game, uncover the game's story, and escape.


In episode 1, 1213 sits in his cell with bandages on his face and a bloodstained shirt, unable to retain any memories longer than several days old. He is made to run his daily obstacle course by the man watching him before being returned to his cell, but this time is given a gun. Sometime after going back to his cell, the door is opened and 1213 wanders outside into the hallway. From here 1213 must get past guards and violent mutants to make his escape.

In episode 2 after defeating 0916, 1213 stumbles from the elevator to discover he is in space, looking at the Earth down below. 1213 discovers that what is going on has something to do with experiments on children and himself and something called the "Yellow Death" plague on board the station. There is also evidence that the man watching 1213, Westbury, may be mentally unstable and dangerous. A scientist, O'Hagan, requests a meeting with 1213 and 1213 must find his way to her.

In episode 3, 1213 has just woken up from a hallucination. He rides a tram to the cloning facility, which has been converted from cloning the rich and powerful for spare body parts into the GFG project by Westbury, who seems to grow more and more impatient with his peers. At this point, it appears that the problems may extend farther than the mutants and Westbury's plans. 1213 prepares for a final confrontation with Westbury and the revelation of the truth.


Upon beating the game, you will be given a code for the keypad at the beginning of Episode 3 in the food court. This will drop a Golden Ticket in the next room before the tram. If you bring with you to the Earth's surface, you get a different ending where an accident has turned the Earth into a candy land and that everyone has died from eating themselves to death or diabetes.

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